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Warlock specific information including weekly analysis of our raids
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7.0 Fire Mage

Alright nerds, let's figure this shit out. I'll be making notes here as I find more things out. For now I'm bored af on the plane so here's what I know off the top of my head.StatsCrit >> Mastery now. Personally I've had some success stackin...
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Class-Specific Follower Optimization

This reddit thread was first spotted by Smaxy and then hunted down through the internet by me, some interesting information as to which followers you should keep and which you should deactivate, you might want to take a look.
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Rogue class thread

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Mage metrics for log analysis on this for a little bit tonight but I want to develop it further. Anyone with more ideas for "red flags" that I can try to visualize, just holla.Stuff I'll probably be adding:General Ru...
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Fire Guide

Why play fire? It’s a reliable master spec that can outperform even Arcane on short single target fights. 2+ target cleave this spec dominates every other spec in the game if played correctly. Plus who doesn’t like burning shit?Stat Priority: Crit...
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HFC Arcane Mage Tips

Thank you for picking the most OP Dps spec to ever live.Just some notes and tricks for bosses ect. assuming you have most of the BiS gearARCANE: Haste(~1900-2100)>mastery>crit=multi>vers-Single target talents you are going to take Unstabl...
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I'm just gonna write this here for all the hunters to see so that we can all pull crazy numbers together~~Trinkets:BEATING HEART OF THE MOUNTAIN FROM KROMOG IS ULTIMATELY BIS! ~ other than thatALL THREE TRINKETS ARE TECHNICALLY CONSIDERED BIS!! Bu...
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Hunters and what is best for what (read this shit)

Progress = Trying to down the boss, priority targets etc.Padding = Just doing the most amount of dps neglecting priority targets and just trying to get rank 1BRF fights:BeastLord: BM for progression, SV for padding numbersGruul: BM and MM are both...
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Trox on BDK's Not quite the logs we were hoping for, but interesting nonetheless.
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Hunters and who needs what

As I am 1/4 hunters in the guild who regularly raid, I would like us to get together and figure out some sort of priority system for just the hunters so that we can all be somewhat evenly geared and there will be no fights/argues about gear. I wou...
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