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Why play fire? It’s a reliable master spec that can outperform even Arcane on short single target fights. 2+ target cleave this spec dominates every other spec in the game if played correctly. Plus who doesn’t like burning shit?

Stat Priority: Crit>=Mastery>Multi>Haste>Versa

Gear: You NEED the trinket Sandman’s Pouch and bis is DSI from Council

Talents: Standard talents- will be Prismatic Crystal and Cold Snap (using this resets the cooldown of Dragon’s Breath). Optional is Living bomb (3+targets) or Blast Wave (1 or 2) targets.

Glyphs: Mandatory- Glyph of Dragon’s Breath/Glyph of Combustion. Optional-Use Glyph of Inferno blast for 5+ targets otherwise take 2 charges of blink for mobility.

Weakauras: Nightmare Fire Proc +ICD

Tracking Ignite (try to hit purple)

There is a crit softcap at 2129(with pickled eel) or 2254(non-crit food). Reason for this softcap is the Sandman’s Pouch Trinket proc will bring your crit to a minimum of 76.92%x1.3=100% crit. The 1.3 multiplier is from the fire passive that every fireball, scorch, and pyroblast has an extra 30% to be a critical strike. Some top mages stack crit beyond this soft cap and other stack mastery once this number is reached. I prefer Mastery

For Level 100, this is how much of a stat you need for 1%:
110 Critical Strike = 1%
90 Haste = 1%
55 Mastery = 1%

Stacking Crit:
Pros-Slightly higher chance of Pyro crits, sims better for single target.
Cons-Scales much worse on multi target due to smaller ignite damage.

Stacking Mastery:
Pros: Bigger Combustions, better for multi target fights and mastery cross specs with Arcane more efficiently.
Cons:Poor combustions outside of Sandman's proc due to less pyro chains.

General playstyle/rotation: cast fireball until you get a heating up proc then while your second fireball is in the air, use Inferno Blast (IB) before the second fireball hits the target. If you are sitting on a pyroblast! Proc and IB is off CD, the use IB the gain a heating up+Pyroblast! Proc, hardcast a fireball then spend you pyroblast proc. Rinse and repeat. If you have some server lag stand farther away from the boss to give yourself more time for the fireball to reach the target. On 2+ targets you want to have heating up+pyroblast! And chain as many pyros into the target then IB to spread the Ignite to the other targets. 3 back to back pyros is about a 30k Ignite so spreading this chain is roughly 30K per target. Dragon's Breath is a on a 20 sec CD, Incanter's flow reaches full stacks at 20 second intervals. You can line it up for 20% increased damage almost everytime, same with Blast Wave.

If you don’t know how Ignite is calculated read here:

Burst: prepot 4 seconds before pull and cast pyroblast. You want your Sandman’s Pouch to proc ASAP so follow up with and IB and counterspell(this can proc it) then spam Scorch until it procs. Once procced gain heating up+Pyroblast! Drop Prismatic Crystal then follow this rotation:
Fireball>Pyro>Pyro>Pyro>IB>Combustion>IB>Dragon’s Breath>Cold Snap>Dragon’s Breath>Blast Wave>Blast Wave
*Inferno blast before combustion to get a large Ignite spread since combustion resets the CD of IB
*Currently Combustion is bugged in our favor, it is snap-shotting our crit value for the entire duration of combustion even after Sandman's buff expires. Make sure you combust before the crit buff is gone for a guaranteed 77%+ crit on all ticks.

Under the effects of lust*= Fireball>Pyro>Fireball>Pyro>Pyro>Pyro>Combustion>IB…
An extra fireball and pyro here and NO Inferno blast before combustion because there is a haste breakpoint at about 38% haste where your ignite will take in and extra pyroblast increasing your combustion about 10-20%. You cannot spare the GCD if IB before combustion here to gain this extra pyro. Starting your rotation as far away as possible then running towards your crystal as you build your combustion will reduce the travel time of your pyros, helping you gain the extra tick of ignite. If you are a troll save berserking for this and if you don’t have 8% haste on your gear, throw in the IB>Combustion>IB…

HFC: This is where you need to check logs and really know when your ring/lust/trinket CD are happening because there will be times where you will sit and do nothing even mid fight.

Assault: Living Bomb. You can run PC+Sandmans here or Kindling+class +unglyphed Combustion here. I would still recommend Arcane for this fight.

Reaver: if your kill timer is between 45-1:30 (heroic) Fire has a higher DPS average than Arcane(unless you are really lucky with 4pc Procs)

Kormrok: get your sandmans proc before he leaps, right when he lands burst rotation as normal and if timed right you can spread you combustion to the hands then DB>CSnap>DB. If you are really good with timing, swap blast wave for Living bomb and spread your combustion and LB to the hands. This will result in higher damage and one less global where the hands will probably be dead already. Setup is the hardest timing for fire out of any fight this raid. I haven’t been able to pull it off just yet.

Council: Fire Fire Fire! Lust on pull + 2 target combustion. You have to be unlucky not to take the top on this.

Kilrogg: in visions save Cold Snap for when you are in visions. When you are at 15+ stacks there will be a huge amount of mobs so breath>Csnap>breath. Can easily put 100k more on the meters. Note that if the kill timer is less than 2:40 you will lose a lot of combustion damage and its better to go Arcane.

Gorefiend: you can play fire on heroic since cleave is not an issue. Note that during feast of souls, ignite on the crystal does NOT gain the double damage bebuff on Gorefiend. You want to use crystal on pull but during Feast, build your combustions on the boss itself and then put crystal down for dragon’s breath and blast waves.

Iskar: Extremely tricky fight that is 100% kill timer dependent. Farm only since its padding fer dayz. Take glyph of Inferno Blast and Alter time here since chakrams cannot be reliably invised(stealth breaks from damage without Greater Invis) Check if adds and ring will be used around 4-4:30 mark if so open on the boss without bursting. Your Sandman’s will proc but you just have to let it go..sigh. On first adds roughly 1 min in, have a pyro+heating up ready and throw crystal down for burst. This is all RNG here as to how many pyros you will get as you will not have the trinket proc up. Second wave at 2:30 same thing. 4 min mark you will have trinket+lust+ring here where everything lines up and all your damage will go off. During add Phases Flamestrike every 8 seconds for more dps. If your raid has a lot of aoe then go blast wave, if adds are up for a while go Living Bomb. If your kil timer changes and all this doesn’t line up you have to find another strat. Holding all dps for first adds is an option to line everything up.

Socrethar: haven’t played fire here, can be good for ghost clears but ele sham+destro are better anyways.

Tyrant: Place crystal BEHIND the boss as far as you can. When you combust don’t inferno blast(if possible) until the second add spawns so you can get a full combustion on both targets. If your raids dps isn’t high enough, this isn’t possible. Pot on lust, the only thing that should beat you here is a warrior but even then…fire is life.

Xhul: You won’t get this one down right away. Plain and simple. It’s a dance and when you learn it, those Ele sham tears will not put out this fire. Living Bomb/Greater Invis/Alter Time/Evanesce Glyph of Rapid Displacement. Evanesce will not be up for every chain, you need to Greater Invis to pass on the chains the second time and if that person does not get rid of it, the chains will spawn and you get one-shot. Ring on adds= wait till about 7 sec before imps spawn to throw your first pyro, use your pot right before your burst (don’t prepot b/c the potion wont last throughout your full burst rotation). If you are extremely lucky/have high raid dps, Ominus will spawn in melee in under 35sec which means you can get a combustion on all 3 targets. Otherwise hold that second inferno blast until Ominus is in range to spread that combustion. Imps: have a Living bomb up and inferno Blast ready, blink in precast flamstrike>IB>Dragon’s Breath then blink out. You may want to hold all dps if the ring is not going to line up with your trinket proc when the boss gets close to 20%/ Note that Living bomb WILL trigger your Sandman’s even if you are not attacking so if you are lining up CDs don’t bomb 12- sec before the ICD is up.

Mannoroth: Blast wave is good here, you can take LB but the adds don’t always spawn right under the boss in P2 so you have to LB an imp and have a IB saved up then DB away (cost the same 3 globals of DB>BW>BW)

Archi: If you are greedy here you can pot on second burst. IB your combustion when all the adds converge on the boss for an insane (RNG) Combustion. The nether Phase is hard to time your burst since we don’t usually ring on CD which make fire kinda bad because of this. Once the kill timer gets shorter Fire will shine. Both the top mage parses for Tichondrius are Fire atm (142k) not Arcane so it’s a bit of a gamble.

Play fire while you can because once Legion is released the complexity of this spec is dumbed down to that of a 3 year old.

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There is nothing here about class fantasy.
#12052951 Feb 10, 2016 at 08:50 PM
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this guide is godlike <3

im still gonna suck at fire tho
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Thanks, put a lot of time into it. Hard to play arcane now because it's so fun
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Are the Fire guides on AT outdated or or something? It still says BiS is GSR + Iskar. Maybe GSR would work better with unglyphed Combustion but you pretty much always have it glyphed. Sethe is always nice for the added dmg but it doesn't do shit for Combustion phase. Honestly any level of DSI seems like it would be best. Or is there another ~2min ICD trinket besides DSI that I can use in the meantime?
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Those guides are outdated, Goren soul was decent till the +10ilvl boost. The problem with GSR is the buff is short and the proccs are completely random, you can at least track sandman's which happens to line up with the ring every time.

It is hard to say what trinket is second best because SimC isn't 100% correct for fire.
1.MGaze=MPoF (lots of passive intellect)
2.HDSI>MPiston (imo bigger on pull combustion especially how short fights are now)

There are 2 on use trinkets that are really good/ even better than DSI from mythic dungeons but you have to set it to Master loot because they are tanking/healer trinkets. Both from UBRS, but you need 705+ warforged to actually make them worth it. A few parses ive seen with these trinkets have insane combustions because of how much mastery they give.
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#12052677 Popcicle wrote:

Stacking Mastery

I think I'd prefer this over crit, if only for the overlap with Arcane. FWIW at 2479 crit SimC agrees:

Though I think you're right, Fire is fucking weird to sim anyway
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I'm the best fire Mage on alpha one time I got 10 pyroblasts in a row
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#12059444 Smaxystab wrote:

I'm the best fire Mage on alpha one time I got 10 pyroblasts in a row

teach me ur skills
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