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Thank you for picking the most OP Dps spec to ever live.
Just some notes and tricks for bosses ect. assuming you have most of the BiS gear

ARCANE: Haste(~1900-2100)>mastery>crit=multi>vers

-Single target talents you are going to take Unstable Magic(UM) and Prismatic Crystal (PC)

-Opener1: Precast ONE Arcane Blast(AB) then pop Arcane Power and put down your PC. If your Prophecy of Fear Procs onto the boss, you must send ALL Arcane Missiles(AM) into the boss. Damage from the Doom nova will bounce from the boss onto the crystal then back to the boss double dipping on damage. Make a "/cast[target=focus] Arcane Missiles" keybind to make this a lot easier. (Hitting PC only while Mark of Doom is on boss will NOT trigger the damage).If your Doom Nova procs on PC (what you want) then send all AM procs you get into the PC. Once all procs are gone, spam the shit out of Arcane Blast until you are 20%< mana. Evocate then go to conserve phase.

-Opener 2: This opener is good for lust on pull fights as you AB the crystal so many times, possibly being a large dps increase. Sub 2 seconds on the pull thow PC down and cast your first AB on PC then Arcane Power. This increases your chance of getting a Doom nova Proc on PC instead of the boss. Use Fel Lasher food for this, the bolt hits gives you a higher chance of proccing Doom Nova on PC on the first hit. Doom Nova can still proc on the boss this way due to the reflected damage. This is a riskier opener and if your Doom Nova procs on the boss anyways its a DPS loss compared to opener#1.

-Conserve Phase: Arcane blast to get up to 4 Arcane Charges. The goal here is to stay above 90% mana until your next burst phase. Weave AM procs and AB until you drop below 90% mana then Arcane Barrage to start all over again. If you get a hero buff (T184pc) from your missile proc it is okay to drop to about 80% mana while the buff is up.

-Sub Kill: When the boss is about to die ~7% left, you want to burn all your mana. Spam AB and use missiles on proc. You want to end the fight with as little mana possible.

-Ring: you ALWAYS want to save your CDs to line up with the legendary ring unless the fight will be over before ring is back up. About 20 seconds before the ring is coming up off CD, you want to bank as many AM procs as you can then unleash them all right before your burst. The T18 gear gives each of your AMs a chance to proc a hero increasing your damage by 12% each for 10 seconds. Get as many of these as you can get for a bigger burst.

-Tome of Shifting Words: During Lust phase while bursting, spamming Arcane Blast will make you go oom fast if you have heroic and especially the mythic version. While PC is up, spend all AM procs if you are above 60% mana and only start spamming Arcane Blast if you have sub 5 seconds left on your PC.

-Prophecy of Fear: Always keep a stack of Arcane Missiles on you in cast this procs, you dont want to have a nice Doom Nova proc and no missiles to hit it with. Spend all missiles and weave AB(sometimes between proc spending) in so you arn't sitting at 100% mana for too long


Iron Reaver- You can take Rune of Power and Evanesce here. Dont move ever and just block his barrages with Evanesce.

Kormrok- dont prepot. dont hit the boss at all on pull, just stand there like an idiot. 5 seconds before grasping hands: pot, pop Arcane Power, throw down crystal where the hands will be DO NOT hit the boss with anything, you want cast your first AB into the PC so Mark of Doom procs on it. When hand show up, slam all your AMs into the PC then follow up with 2 Supernovas. Congrats, you just Killed everything. This strat is also viable for Iskar.

Kilrogg- Take Alter Time, Rune of Power and Supernova if you are going in visions. Ice Block the heart seeker debuff AFTER it hits you then Alter Time back. In visions use one supernova on first wave of adds then single target imps till you get about 6-7 stacks of the buff then spam Arcane explosion till your head falls off. Once you have 18+ stack use both Supernovas on all the adds before you leave (this does a ton of damage).

Gorefiend: About 10 seconds before feast of souls expires, spam Arcane Blast until about 50% mana. you want to get as much damage as possible in. Since you will not have evocate, get 2 Arcane Charges (instead of 4) then Barrage and repeat until you have 90% mana again then return to conserve phase.

Fel Lord Zakuun- Talents: Rune of Power, Greater Invis, Evanesce. Block all the waves from Cavitation starting with Evanesce then Invis, there is a delay when he swings. Dont move GG easy

Mythic Archimonde- You can take Evanesce, Greater Invis and Alter Time. If you get thrown up with Shadowfel burst, you can Evanesce on the way down then blink into an open area right before you land to completely negate the damage. If you blink into someone they will die so aim that shit. Invis for rot chaos mistakes if needed as well a Infernal meteors in last phase. P3 Alter time before marks of doom explode then Alter back to save your healers some trouble.

Do all this and if Smaxy beats you blame RNJesus


Mage CD's+Ring+Prophecy of Fear will show if a target has Mark of Doom even if you are not targeting it

HUD: This is my personal custom HUD I made to track everything. Mana% Blink CDs, Incanter's Flow, Arcane charges. Once you get used to it I promise you wont play without it.
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Once I get a new dagger ur done bro :D

Good guide tho,
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When i get that Archi staff Zakuun is mine Smax haha
I will take all the new baby mages under my wing. Pops got you 8)
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